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Traveling For Grandbabies

Just wanted to pop in real quick! We are traveling to Fort Riley, Kansas tomorrow for our sweet little Ezra’s birthday! He’ll be 3 years old! It really doesn’t seem real that it’s been that long ago since I got on that big old plane and flew to Germany for his birth. Did you know that was the first time I’d ever flown? Yep. All by myself! Seems like the older I get, the more I want to do things I’d never thought I’d do when I was a younger person! I had planned to go skydiving when I turned 50 but, the timing hasn’t worked out…..yet!
This wedding season has started out great and I’ve been so very busy and it’s just begun! I love it, but I need a few days to chill. What better way that a little vacay to see our little man.  Children are a blessing from the Lord! Happy birthday, ZZ! We love you with all our hearts!

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